5 Reasons to Use Rubber Cement


Picking the right glue is an important decision when selecting materials for a paper craft project. If you use the wrong type of glue you’re likely to be disappointed in the outcome of your scrapbooks, cards, collages, or other similar craft. Rubber cement is one of the best glue choices for just about any paper-crafting project. Although most people have used it for projects while they were in school, many people don’t think about it as an option for their crafts as adults. Here are five reasons rubber cement is the perfect choice for all of your paper crafting needs.

  1. Easy-to-Use Brush

    Although they are convenient, squeeze bottles of glue can sometimes be tricky to work with. It is hard to place the glue precisely where you need it. Controlling the flow can also be a challenge, meaning you’re left with globs of glue in some places and not enough glue in others. Rubber cement comes with a brush attached to the lid. With this easy-to-use brush, you can place a thin, even layer exactly where you need it.

  2. Fast Drying

    Rubber cement dries extremely quickly– within just a few minutes. This makes it possible to move directly onto the next step of your project. Who wants to wait hours for glue to dry when you could be crafting instead?

  3. No Wrinkles

    Using traditional glue when making paper crafts is almost guaranteed to lead to one thing– wrinkles. This simple mistake can detract from the appearance of your finished product. That’s why you should use rubber cement for these types of projects. Rubber cement dries completely flat– no more wrinkles. You’ll be amazed at how two papers can bond together so smoothly that they look like one.

  4. No Stains

    It is easy to overestimate how much glue you need to secure a picture to your background. This leads to little bits of glue seeping out around the edges. But even if the glue dries clear, there is almost always a textural difference that makes it obvious. Attempts to remove it are likely to destroy the entire project. Excess rubber cement can be gently rubbed away with your finger and it leaves behind no telltale stains or residue.

  5. Removable

    Sometimes creative visions change in the middle of a project. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with the way something turned out. Or maybe you want to deviate from your original plan. If you used traditional glues, you’re stuck– literally. Your only options are to throw it out and restart or ignore your new idea. One of the best things about rubber cement is that it is completely and easily removable. Don’t like where you placed that picture in your collage? No problem! Just gently lift it up and re-position it with a fresh layer of rubber cement.

  6. So whether you like to scrapbook, design cards, or create collage crafts, pick up Elmer’s Rubber Cement in stores for all your paper-crafting needs.