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Uses for Adhesive Glue: It’s Up to You

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There are so many uses for Elmer’s adhesive glue, it’s hard to imagine a home or workplace without it.

Most of us use adhesive glue for school projects, work presentations, simple repairs around the house, and arts and crafts. But others have gone well beyond those conventional uses, applying Elmer’s products in creative and, in some cases, spectacular ways.

One of the most impressive outside-the-box examples we’ve encountered of our customers using adhesive glue is a ginormous popsicle stick castle built by a man from Connecticut recently.

It took one-and-a-half years for him to build a 12-foot by 17-foot replica of a castle. The project, which required 10 gallons of Elmer’s glue and nearly 400,000 wooden sticks, was so big it had to be delivered by truck for display in a museum. The model arrived intact.

There are other, more pedestrian applications for adhesive glue, as well. Elmer’s doesn’t necessarily endorse the following examples, but it’s fun to see how imaginative people can be when using our products:

  • To remove splinters, the affected area is coated with glue, which is dried, then peeled off. The splinter comes up easily.
  • Tight holes for driving screws into vertical surfaces are created by soaking a bit of cotton in glue, then stuffing the cotton in a pre-drilled hole. After waiting 24 hours, a screw can be securely driven into the hole.
  • Dipping the end of shoelaces in glue keeps them from fraying.
  • Adding water to glue and applying to fingernails or toenails creates a nail polish base coat. When you want to remove the polish, simply peel the base coat off.
  • A dot of glue on each piece keeps a completed jigsaw puzzle in place.
  • Elmer’s adhesive glue and some water keeps hair in place for hours. Our products are safe, water soluble and wash out of hair completely.

Any additional uses for our adhesive glue that we’ve missed?