Canada Day

Canada Fan Craft

Celebrating Canada Day 2015

Canada Day marks the birth of our country in 1867. Although Canada technically did not became independent of England until 1982, many citizens and non-citizens have long considered July 1 an independence day.

In spite of the fact they didn’t fight a war to break away from England, Canadians are just as patriotic about July 1 as Americans are about July 4. In fact, Canada Day celebrations are growing in size and enthusiasm every year, a true demonstration of the unity of our vast, incredibly diverse nation.

Some tidbits about Canada and Canada Day to discuss while enjoying the holiday barbecue, neighbourhood party, or the day off:

  • Just as it took nearly 100 years for our independence to become official, “O Canada” wasn’t designated the national anthem until 1980. The first version of the song, in French, was written a century earlier, in 1880.
  • Canada Day was originally known as Dominion Day. The name changed after the act that separated Canada from England was passed in 1982.
  • Insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting at the University of Toronto in 1921.
  • Beavers, the national animal, belie the reputation of Canadians as “nice.” They are territorial creatures who will hiss, slap water with their tails, and even attack is you get too close.
  • Filipinos are the largest foreign-born population in Canada’s north. This is one diverse country.

Be a Canada Day Fan. And Make One, Too

Canada Day Craft

Now you can be a Canada Day fan and make an actual Canada Day fan. It’s a simple craft to build and is handy to wave during a barbecue or any type of celebration you may be attending on July 1.

Here’s how to make your Canada Day fan:

You’ll need Elmer’s Craft Sticks, a red and a white sheet of foam, glitter, gems, and Elmer’s Tacky Glue. You may also use a Glue Gun, but if you are a youngster, be certain an adult is around to supervise the use of the gun.

Glue the stick to the bottom middle of the red foam sheet. Place the white sheet on top of the red one and glue together. Take care to glue the bottom of the sheets only.

Now cut maple leaf patterns in both the red and white sheets. Decorate with glitter, gems, or whatever you wish.

Happy Canada Day 2015 from Elmer’s!