5 Reasons to Use Rubber Cement


Picking the right glue is an important decision when selecting materials for a paper craft project. If you use the wrong type of glue you’re likely to be disappointed in the outcome of your scrapbooks, cards, collages, or other similar craft. Rubber cement is one of the best glue choices for just about any paper-crafting project. Although most people have used it for projects while they were in school, many people don’t think about it as an option for their crafts as adults. Here are five reasons rubber cement is the perfect choice for all of your paper crafting needs.

  1. Easy-to-Use Brush

    Although they are convenient, squeeze bottles of glue can sometimes be tricky to work with. It is hard to place the glue precisely where you need it. Controlling the flow can also be a challenge, meaning you’re left with globs of glue in some places and not enough glue in others. Rubber cement comes with a brush attached to the lid. With this easy-to-use brush, you can place a thin, even layer exactly where you need it.

  2. Fast Drying

    Rubber cement dries extremely quickly– within just a few minutes. This makes it possible to move directly onto the next step of your project. Who wants to wait hours for glue to dry when you could be crafting instead?

  3. No Wrinkles

    Using traditional glue when making paper crafts is almost guaranteed to lead to one thing– wrinkles. This simple mistake can detract from the appearance of your finished product. That’s why you should use rubber cement for these types of projects. Rubber cement dries completely flat– no more wrinkles. You’ll be amazed at how two papers can bond together so smoothly that they look like one.

  4. No Stains

    It is easy to overestimate how much glue you need to secure a picture to your background. This leads to little bits of glue seeping out around the edges. But even if the glue dries clear, there is almost always a textural difference that makes it obvious. Attempts to remove it are likely to destroy the entire project. Excess rubber cement can be gently rubbed away with your finger and it leaves behind no telltale stains or residue.

  5. Removable

    Sometimes creative visions change in the middle of a project. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with the way something turned out. Or maybe you want to deviate from your original plan. If you used traditional glues, you’re stuck– literally. Your only options are to throw it out and restart or ignore your new idea. One of the best things about rubber cement is that it is completely and easily removable. Don’t like where you placed that picture in your collage? No problem! Just gently lift it up and re-position it with a fresh layer of rubber cement.

  6. So whether you like to scrapbook, design cards, or create collage crafts, pick up Elmer’s Rubber Cement in stores for all your paper-crafting needs.

More Simple Home Repairs, and a Fun Project


Miss the first part of our home repairs?

Successful home repairs are built on Elmer’s adhesives.

  • Rickety wooden tables and chairs are annoying, but easily fixed. The wobble is often due to the fact that the legs have become loose from the sockets, not because of uneven legs. First, find the loose table or chair leg. Pull it from its socket and clean the leg and socket hole of wood debris. Apply a liberal amount of Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue to the socket hole. Fit the leg back into the socket and wipe away excess glue with a damp cloth. It’s important to use a clamp to make certain the leg and socket remain tight while the glue dries. Don’t neglect this step! Sand and paint or stain the bond if you wish.
  • Peeling wallpaper can be tricky to repair. Yanking wallpaper at the seam is a common DIY mistake. Instead, moisten a sponge with warm water and hold over the peeling area for a couple of minutes, and slowly pull the paper from the wall. Place Elmer’s Glue-All behind the paper and press it into place with the sponge. Run a roller over the repaired area for a smooth look and wipe away excess glue.
  • Using Elmer’s Glue-All to achieve a crackle finish on furniture is a popular way to give pieces a custom look. To achieve: Coat the object with acrylic craft paint. Once the paint is dry, cover the painted surface completely with Elmer’s Glue-All. This may take a lot of glue, but the results are worth it. Apply a second coat of paint to the object while the glue is still wet. As the paint dries, the surface appears to become “crackled.” Let dry and apply a second coat of Elmer’s Glue-All to seal.

If you have a home repair or project to complete, find the perfect adhesive for the job
by visiting Elmer’s Home Repairs.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts


Teacher appreciation gifts range from a simple “thank you” to expensive store-bought items. But most teachers cherish a gift from the heart. Homemade items demonstrating thoughtfulness and effort are the ideal gift for the educator who has helped your student open new windows on life. Elmer’s can help you create them.

A few suggestions on how to choose teacher appreciation gifts that will be long remembered:

  • Make a gift that reflects the personal connection you and your child have with your teacher. Little things often mean the most.
  • Low maintenance is good. Not every teacher has a green thumb or is handy with a hammer. Keep your gift simple.
  • Have fun making it! This gift is a token of your appreciation; enjoy the time you put in so it’s not just another chore to mark off your to-do list.

Teacher appreciation gifts made with Elmer’s products fit each of these recommendations. They are simple, inexpensive and tasteful.

Practical Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Gifts

  • Popsicle sled ornament. Popsicle sticks are among the most versatile craft material. And who doesn’t love personalizing a Christmas tree with homemade ornaments?
  • Wine cork bath mat. Teachers who are wine drinkers will be particularly delighted with this gift. No need to take the time to save used corks, either. Corks can be in purchased in bulk at craft stores or other specialty stores. Note: this project requires a hot glue gun for best results.
  • Patterned office containers. Teachers like to be organized at home as well as in the classroom. This project uses paint and brushes to add colour to office containers that can help categorize supplies.
  • DIY Market Tote Bag. Another opportunity to use Elmer’s painted paint markers, which work on canvas just as well as on plastic, metal, wood or glass.
  • DIY Donut pillows. No sewing skills are required on this fun project. A hot glue gun will bond the fabrics instead of thread. These distinctive pillows are great for a den.

We know the holidays can be stressful so we hope these ideas ease some of the burden!

Holiday Crafting With Elmer’s


At Elmer’s, we love the idea of holiday crafting; you can make some terrific gifts for the special people in your life.

Too often, the holidays revolves around repeated trips to the mall for store-bought gifts that don’t always seem as if they come from the heart. Holiday crafting with Elmer’s products is the ultimate expression of sincerity. Who doesn’t love a specially made gift that took time and effort?

Another bonus: Elmer’s holiday craft materials are inexpensive and easily found.

Gifts don’t require any themes. The goal is for the recipient to find uses for your gift all year long.

Ideas for Easy-to-Make Holiday Crafts

To make these holiday crafts, have Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue and Elmer’s ProBond Max Wood Glue on hand.

  • Custom shim-framed mirror. This practical piece also doubles as handsome decor for that bare space on the wall. The number of shims depends on the size of your mirror – 40 at the minimum. The mirror should be round, although a square mirror also works. The shims should be stained, glued together, then attached to the plywood backing. Our adhesive provides a strong bond to hold the mirror in place.
  • Frame turned tray. How easy is this? Attach metal cabinet pulls to a picture frame, then add a photo, artwork or piece of wallpaper. You’ll be surprised how often this tray gets used.
  • House numbers sign. The pieces of crushed glass and mirror reflect light to make the numbers visible at night. When attaching the glass and mirror pieces, use plenty of glue. Don’t worry – Elmer’s dries clear.
  • Numbered table. Follow the painting instructions, or get creative and paint an old coffee table any way you wish. Remember to sand the table first. Make it interesting by attaching metal house numbers of varying sizes and shapes.

What are your holiday crafting plans? Stop by our Facebook page and share your ideas!

Holiday Crafts, Made with Love and Foam Glue


Slow down the hectic time before the holidays with a day of building holiday crafts with Elmer’s Foam Glue.

Your children or students will enjoy the chance to spend time with you on a creative project, and you’ll appreciate the restful change of pace.

Elmer’s Foam Glue is ideal for holiday crafts, which can require bonding foam to a variety of materials such as wood, sequins, glitter and beads. The glue is undetectable because it dries clear.

As with all our adhesives, Elmer’s Foam Glue is safe for children because it is non-toxic. It also cleans up easily and comes out of hair and clothing.

The materials you need for any Elmer’s craft project are inexpensive and available at local craft, grocery, home improvement, and hardware stores.


Try These Colourful Holiday Crafts

Below are a few easy-to-make holiday crafts that are sure to get you and the kids in a festive mood. On crafts that require the use of foam, Elmer’s Foam Glue gets the best results.

  • Glitter Magnetic Wreath. This is slightly more complicated than the other crafts but is worth the effort. An adult needs to help with using the utility knife.
  • Foam Ornaments. Fun with foam sheets and glitter. If you want to place these ornaments in a window, attach suction cups to the back. To put them on the refrigerator, glue small, lightweight magnets on the back.

Decorating with holiday crafts lends a distinctive, personal touch to your classroom or home during the end of the year. For more craft ideas, stop by our Facebook page on Friday to see a new crafting video!

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Create Memories with Fun Halloween Crafts


Much of the excitement of Halloween is the anticipation of the event. Coming up with costume ideas, carving jack-o-lanterns and decorating the house to look spooky are activities children remember far into adulthood.

With What the help of Elmer’s products, you can add to those memories with Halloween crafts. All it takes are a few inexpensive items, a large table and a room full of children who are ready for fun. Every Elmer’s product used in building our crafts or featured on the website can be found in mass retail outlets throughout Canada, including hardware, grocery, and drug stores as well as craft and hobby centers.

In so many ways, building crafts is the perfect way to enjoy the day leading up to the night of trick-or-treating. Images of witches, skeletons, goblins, spiders and ghosts are familiar to little ones and lend themselves to imaginative projects.

For added fun, have the kids wear their costumes while they make their crafts.

Halloween Craft Ideas

Below are a few popular, yet simple, craft ideas from Elmer’s. Along with the listed materials, you’ll need Elmer’s Tacky Glue.

  • Pumpkin decorating. There’s something about pumpkins that inspires great creativity. Use these directions as a guide, then try out some of your own ideas. This project works well for young children because it requires no carving.
  • Yard and garden ghosts. No need to go to the store for decorations. Make your own, then dress up the house and yard. Remember to keep your creations in storage for next year.
  • Crazy hanging spider. This project comes in two parts, the body and the face, and may require a little help from an adult to finish.
  • Spook-tacular cats. When everyone is finished building their cats, snap a photo of the creations and post it on social media, to share with your friends.

To see more Halloween crafts, visit our craft projects page.

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Terrific Ideas for Kids’ Thanksgiving Crafts


Before the year-end holidays begin to take up large chunks of your time, spare a few creative minutes with the little ones and check out Elmer’s kids’ Thanksgiving crafts.

Here are some project ideas from Elmer’s for you and the children to enjoy. Each one is simple to make but leaves room for each child’s imagination. Stock up on Elmer’s Tacky Glue or Glue All, and be certain to supervise if you choose to use a glue gun:

  • Thankful Turkey – An artistic reminder of all for which we have to be thankful for. Take a short hike and find a few decent-sized pine cones. Glue a pom pom to the back of the pine cone, then glue jiggly eyes to the pom pom. Using multi-coloured foam sheets, cut out shapes for the beak and feathers and attach. Write on pieces of paper a few things for which you are thankful and glue each piece onto the foam feathers.
  • Turkey Napkin Holder – Glue jiggly eyes to the front and feathers to the back of a craft stick. Cut a diamond shape from foam and fold in half for the beak, then attach it to the stick. Paper napkins are adhered on with a chenille stem.
  • Turkey Cup Name Tags – Fit a foam band around a plastic cup. Cut a round shape from foam and glue it to the band. Cut and glue shapes for the beak, wattle and feathers. The name may be displayed on the largest feather in any number of creative ways.
  • Harvest Helper – Make a colorful scarecrow decoration! Cut hat and collar shapes from foam. To create the face, glue six craft sticks to the back of the hat brim and attach the collar. Glue chenille stems below the hat and collar. On the craft sticks, add jiggly eyes and a foam nose and draw a mouth.

Kids’ Thanksgiving Crafts Bring the Family Closer

There is a lot to like about kids’ Thanksgiving crafts. How many activities can you enjoy that are so satisfying yet inexpensive? For the cost of a few basic materials that are easily found at your local craft or hardware store, you can spend precious time with your children that you and they will always treasure.

The children will have memories of creating crafts with the family around the holidays. Those memories will be even more vivid if they can save a few of the crafts they made and display them, year after year, around the corresponding holiday.

For more craft ideas throughout the holiday season, browse our Craft Project Ideas!

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Keep Them Learning With Crafts for Kids


Summer crafting is fun, especially when siblings or a group of friends gather to take on a project. Building crafts together also brings families and friends closer and teaches young people how to behave in a social setting.

But in addition to enjoyment and camaraderie, summer crafting offers another benefit. Creating crafts also keep children’s minds active. This is especially important when they are out of the classroom.

Testing has long showed that when students take a prolonged break from school, they often forget lessons they were taught earlier. As a result, part of the following academic year is spent refreshing memories instead of moving on to new topics.

Keeping young minds engaged is the best way to help children retain and expand their knowledge. Crafts for kids are particularly helpful in boosting brain function. As the children master certain skills, you can continue to challenge them with crafts that are increasingly difficult to make.

You can also choose projects that appeal to the interests of individual kids.

Summer crafting is a convenient and affordable way to keep idle hands busy during those long days that otherwise may be spent in front of the computer or television.

Elmer’s wants to help young people spend time away from school more productively. Parents and teachers, check out our crafts for kids projects.

Try This Craft With a Plastic Bug!

Glue Fossil

Here is a simple craft project that appeals to kids’ senses.

You’ll need a newspaper, some plastic bugs, a plastic lid from any type of jar and Elmer’s Clear Washable School Glue Gel.

Spread the newspaper on a table or the floor, then place the lid on the paper. Put a plastic bug in the center of the lid, then fill to the top with the Clear Washable School Glue Gel.

It may take a couple days for the glue to dry. You may need to add more glue if the glue level gets low.

Pull the glue from the lid. The bug will appear to be encased in sap or “amber.”

Use this craft to decorate a bedroom or save it for Halloween season to decorate your house. Have you made one? Visit our Facebook page and share!

Break Summer Boredom With Summer Crafts for Kids


Fun summer crafts for kids are one of the best ways to prevent that age-old whine of school holidays: “I’m bored!”

Craft projects channel untapped creativity in children while providing a social atmosphere of cooperation and enjoyment. They’re also a wholesome alternative to texting or television and, with Elmer’s Crafting Club, offer unlimited ideas to keep kids busy for hours at a time.

Via easy-to-understand videos, Elmer’s Crafting Club shows kids and supervising adults how to create fun and interesting new projects. Some videos of terrific and inexpensive summer crafts for kids available on Elmer’s Crafting Club right now:

  • Funky summer flip flops. Transform a pair of ordinary flip flops into one-of-kind footwear with just a few simple materials.
  • Back to school picture frame. Your school portrait, or the portrait of a friend or pet, now has a home!
  • Fun bookmarks. One more reason to reach for a book. You’ll never lose your place now.
  • T-shirt painting. Who needs a T-shirt from a store with a design everyone else will be wearing? Customize your clothes using any design you want with the help of Elmer’s Gel Glue.
  • Happy birthday card. A personally made card is one that is so much more meaningful to the recipient, and helps teach children about caring for others.
  • Backpack tag. No more rifling through a backpack to figure out whose it is. This tag identifies its owner immediately.

By subscribing to Elmer’s Crafting Club on YouTube, you’ll always be notified when a new video is available. It’s easy – just click on the red “Subscribe” button below the screen on any YouTube page.

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Summer Decor Crafting for Your Home


Craft projects are not just for kids – summer decor crafting can help beautify homes and provide hours of enjoyment for creative adults.

With the help of Elmer’s products, adults can easily build practical items for around the house that are eye-catching. As with many craft projects, these items require little money to make but add fun to your household.

A summer decor crafting project is also an enjoyable way to spend idle hours during the warm months with a spouse or friend and the perfect opportunity to exercise your creativity away from the cell phone or laptop.

Here are a couple of Elmer’s-approved projects to get you started:

  • Bicycle shelf with handlebar rack. A great summer decor crafting project for the cycling enthusiast. Required supplies include a piece of lumber, bicycle handlebars and gears, star nut, rod, nut and washer, and Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue. Some experience using a drill, hacksaw and jigsaw is helpful – remember, not all craft projects are meant for children. The office or den is an ideal place for this shelf, but be certain to screw it into wall studs or by using anchor bolts for a secure mount.
  • House numbers sign. Materials needed for this craft are crushed glass, a crushed mirror, wood dowel, painter’s tape, Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue and ProBond Max Wood Glue, and house numbers. When this sign is positioned in the front of your home, the crushed glass and mirror pieces reflect light and make identifying your address easy. You can buy crushed glass and mirror pieces at local craft stores or building supply outlets.

Have a summer decor crafting idea? Visit our Facebook page.

Get Ready for Camp with Art Projects for Kids


Help your children get ready for camp and a summer of swimming, hiking, campfires, and story-telling with Elmer’s art projects for kids.

Building these special crafts serves to bring families closer before children depart for camp. Is your child anxious about going? Discussing all the wonderful camp activities during crafting sessions and the prospect of bringing a completed project or two along with them may help them to anticipate the fun times ahead with a little more excitement and less nervousness.

The art projects for kids below are fairly simple and don’t require much experience in creating crafts. Elmer’s Tacky Glue, or a glue gun, is required for each. Make sure an adult is around when the glue gun is being used.

  • Chenille Stem Flip Flops. These are the perfect footwear after a long hike or in the tent or bunkhouse before snuggling into bed or the sleeping bag. Materials include flip flops, pony beads, and chenille stems. Vary the design a little for a unique look.
  • Craft Stick Frame. Elmer’s Jumbo Craft Sticks and Shimmer’n Shine, paint, magnets, Pom-Poms and clothespins are needed for this project. Paint the clothespins and seven craft sticks any colour you wish, keeping in mind the overall look of the frame when it’s finished. Glaze the sticks with Shimmer’n Shine. Construct the frame, glue magnets on the back for hanging, and decorate with the Pom-Poms, or any kind of glitter or jewels you want.
  • Paper Maché Box. This craft project requires a square or round box, paint and paintbrush, and Pom-Poms. It’s another project that is easily customized by selecting different paint colours and Pom-Pom patterns, and it’s perfect for storing hair accessories and small toiletries while at camp.

These art projects for kids also serve as a comforting reminder of home when the campers take them with them for the summer. What are you doing to help your child prepare for camp? Visit our Facebook page and share your tips!

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Inspire Creativity With Crafts for Toddlers


Elmer’s Early Learners Products help build children’s confidence for success and spark the creative streak everyone has within themselves.

Inspire a love of crafting with Elmer’s products that are made designed for children ages 2 to 5. This product line was created with the early learning experts at Ohio State University’s Schoebaum Family Center and moms to design glue bottles and sticks that promote fine motor skill development. Early Learners Glue Pen and Glue Stick, both disappearing purple glue, are washable, easy to use, non-toxic, and encourages proper writing grip.

Other Elmer’s products include our No-Run School Glue and School Glue Gel, both of which stay where they are applied without dripping.

Overseeing crafts for toddlers may seem challenging, but the benefits are far-reaching:

  • Young minds and little hands are occupied in a safe and fun exploratory activity
  • Thinking and motor skills are promoted
  • Social skills develop when several children make crafts together while cooperating with adults

It’s best to let your toddler take the lead for any craft project, but a parent or adult should always be available to offer guidance. Let them experiment while trying to keep children focused on completing the project, even if that means the child becomes disinterested and abandons it for a few hours or even a couple days.

Building a particular craft isn’t always necessary. Many children prefer to simply colour and glue materials together in the beginning. Making a mess may be what your toddler enjoys most about crafting.

We’d love to see the art you and your toddler create. Visit our Facebook page and share your latest creation!

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Canada Day

Canada Fan Craft

Celebrating Canada Day 2015

Canada Day marks the birth of our country in 1867. Although Canada technically did not became independent of England until 1982, many citizens and non-citizens have long considered July 1 an independence day.

In spite of the fact they didn’t fight a war to break away from England, Canadians are just as patriotic about July 1 as Americans are about July 4. In fact, Canada Day celebrations are growing in size and enthusiasm every year, a true demonstration of the unity of our vast, incredibly diverse nation.

Some tidbits about Canada and Canada Day to discuss while enjoying the holiday barbecue, neighbourhood party, or the day off:

  • Just as it took nearly 100 years for our independence to become official, “O Canada” wasn’t designated the national anthem until 1980. The first version of the song, in French, was written a century earlier, in 1880.
  • Canada Day was originally known as Dominion Day. The name changed after the act that separated Canada from England was passed in 1982.
  • Insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting at the University of Toronto in 1921.
  • Beavers, the national animal, belie the reputation of Canadians as “nice.” They are territorial creatures who will hiss, slap water with their tails, and even attack is you get too close.
  • Filipinos are the largest foreign-born population in Canada’s north. This is one diverse country.

Be a Canada Day Fan. And Make One, Too

Canada Day Craft

Now you can be a Canada Day fan and make an actual Canada Day fan. It’s a simple craft to build and is handy to wave during a barbecue or any type of celebration you may be attending on July 1.

Here’s how to make your Canada Day fan:

You’ll need Elmer’s Craft Sticks, a red and a white sheet of foam, glitter, gems, and Elmer’s Tacky Glue. You may also use a Glue Gun, but if you are a youngster, be certain an adult is around to supervise the use of the gun.

Glue the stick to the bottom middle of the red foam sheet. Place the white sheet on top of the red one and glue together. Take care to glue the bottom of the sheets only.

Now cut maple leaf patterns in both the red and white sheets. Decorate with glitter, gems, or whatever you wish.

Happy Canada Day 2015 from Elmer’s!

Father’s Day Crafts, From the Heart


Father’s Day crafts, created with the help of Elmer’s products, show Dad that you care enough to build something for him from the heart.

If the kids have had practice making crafts for Mother’s Day, these simple projects should be easy and fun. A little supervision from an adult is helpful, especially when it’s time to use the glue gun.

Here are a few Father’s Day craft ideas from Elmer’s. Feel free to use your imagination in adding anything you wish. Make each craft really special by personalizing them with a message and by choosing materials in his favorite colours:

  • Father’s Day Rocks. This project starts outside. Maybe friends can help pick rocks that will make the perfect keepsake. The images give some ideas but you can transform stones into almost anything! Take a minute to think about what you would like to make for dad and search for stones that are the right size, shape and texture for your creation.
  • Dad’s Tie/Bookmark Card. Decorate your foam tie with stars. Or perhaps take a hint from a real tie that Dad owns and try to duplicate the design in this little project.
  • Father’s Day Notepad. As with other projects, this one calls for using either Elmer’s Tacky Glue or a glue gun. An adult is recommended to help with the glue gun.

While it’s great to surprise father with a hand-made gift, consider inviting dad to help with his own project. This time he spends with family makes any craft even more memorable.

Remember Father’s Day Crafts for Others

Stepfathers and grandfathers are also fathers, so don’t forget to give them something in appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done and the love they’ve given. The Elmer’s Father’s Day crafts on our website are simple, so go ahead and make several so there are enough to go around.

Every Elmer’s product used in building our crafts or featured on the website can be found in mass retail outlets throughout Canada and North America, including hardware, grocery, and drug stores as well as craft and hobby centers.

Homemade Mothers Day Gifts | Craft Ideas for Kids


Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10th. One of the best ways to show love this Mother’s Day is by giving a special gift made just for Mom or another female in your child’s life. Here are two easy and fun ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gifts that children can make with adult supervision.

Butterfly Bookmark for Mother’s Day

If your mom enjoys reading, she will love this Butterfly Bookmark made by you. To complete this project, you only need a few materials – Elmer’s Foam Bookmarks, foam sheets, chenille stems, and Elmer’s Tacky Glue.

Simply cut out butterfly shapes from paper and adhere them to an Elmer’s Foam Bookmark. If you do not have a foam bookmark, you can also use a rectangular piece cut from a larger foam sheet. After gluing the butterflies onto the bookmark, don’t forget to allow plenty of time for the glue to dry completely.

The chenille stems can be curled and glued onto the butterflies to create the antennas. Add decorations to the bookmark with Elmer’s Glitter Glue, paint, or sticky jewels in assorted colours and shapes. Be creative with the decorations to personalize your bookmark for your mother. On the back, you can use a permanent marker to write your name, the date, and a special Mother’s Day message. Your mom is sure to love it.

Mother’s Day Photo Pencil Holder

This Mother’s Day Photo Pencil Holder is another great idea for homemade Mother’s Day gifts. Your mom can use this pencil holder to store pencils and pens on her desk at work or at home.

The Mother’s Day photo pencil holder is built by stacking craft sticks and mini craft sticks to create a rectangular box. Use tacky glue to secure the sticks firmly in place, keeping the pencil holder in its original shape when moved.

Collect some of your mom’s favorite family pictures to decorate the outside of the box. You’ll need to cut the pictures to approximately 4 cm x 4 cm or 4 cm x 8 cm to fit the pencil holder. You can use foam pieces or Elmer’s Glitter Glue to decorate the pencil holder and frame the pictures.

When you and your child create homemade Mother’s Day gifts, you make something special. Remember to take the time to show love and appreciation for your mother this Mother’s Day with a little help from Elmer’s.

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Easter Projects

Bunny Treat Holder - Easter Craft

Spring is finally here, and that means Easter is only a couple of days away. And with the kids celebrating the holiday, it’s the opportune time to get them creative and having fun at the same time. While this year’s Easter may find you by surprise, it’s OK! All you will need is a few simple items and a little motivation to make some stunning Easter-themed creations. Here are some easy Easter craft ideas for you and your kids to enjoy.

Note: Some of the Easter craft ideas may require adult supervision.

Easter Bunny Treat Holder

You will require a large foam sheet (white, red, and pink), jiggly eyes, chenille stems, one large red pom pom, three small pink pom poms, a pencil, a pair of scissors, a plain paper, and glue.

Using your pencil, draw the bunny face shape on a piece of paper (a heart shape for this case). Cut out the heart shape, trace it onto a white foam paper, and then cut two faces out. Using glue, stick the two faces together beginning halfway down and along the bottom. Do it on both sides. This creates the treat pocket.

For the bunny ears, make one large outside ear and a slightly smaller inner ear. Trace the outer and the inner ear on the white and pink foam sheet respectively, and then cut them out. Using the glue stick the pink ear onto the white ear and glue the bottom of both ears inside the treat pocket. Glue the jiggly eyes, the whiskers, and the red pom pom for the nose.

Foam Easter Eggs

You will need foam sheets, a range of assorted colours (pastel colors work best), glue, a pair of scissors, plain paper, and a pencil.

Draw an egg shape on the paper and cut the out. Using your template, trace the outline onto the foam sheet and cut out the shape. Using the different foam sheet colors, cutout an assortment of shapes and glue them onto your egg for decoration.

Need other Easter craft ideas? Check out our Project Ideas for more inspiration!

Craft Ideas for National Craft Month


National Craft Month takes place every year in March. This celebration was started in 1994 by the Craft and Hobby Association to help people learn more about crafting and find inspiration for new projects.

Elmer’s is proud to have partnered with Walmart Canada to celebrate National Craft Month 2015. This month when you visit select Walmart stores in Canada, you can view our display featuring various Elmer’s products.

Crafting is something that people of all ages can enjoy. No matter what type of crafting you and your child enjoy, National Craft Month is the perfect opportunity for your family to spend time together being creative. Celebrate National Craft Month with your child this March and help them express their creativity by attempting some of these fun and easy craft ideas from Elmer’s.

Craft Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Crafts are a fun way to help toddlers and preschoolers explore, learn, and play all at once. While this age group will require a lot of supervision and assistance to successfully complete their craft project, the effort is definitely worthwhile. Here are some fun craft ideas for the youngest crafters in your family:

Chenille Bead Butterflies – Your child can practice their fine motor skills by stringing beads on chenille stems to create these adorable Chenille Bead Butterflies. This project requires close supervision, as beads can be a choking hazard.

Easter Bunny Treat Holder – Easter is around the corner. Help your child celebrate by making this Easter Bunny Treat Holder. Most young children love little bags like this that they can store their “treasures” in.

Letter Foam Frame – Use your child’s first initial to make this Letter Foam Frame. When complete, you can hang it on the wall in their room. While you work, you can practice letter names and sounds.

My Bug Pals – Your child can make an assortment of bugs in many colors with this easy craft. They will love using My Bug Pals to tell stories or put on a puppet show.

Craft Ideas for Young Elementary Students

Young elementary students typically love making crafts. Children at this age are learning to be independent, so they will probably want to complete as much of the craft by themselves as possible. Just make sure you’re around to help whenever they need it. Here are some craft ideas children this age will love:

Foam Easter Eggs – Tracing and cutting foam pieces to make these Foam Easter Eggs allows children to practice their scissors skills. You can place a magnet on the back to make fridge decorations.

Fishy Tic Tac Toe – Young elementary aged children will love making this easy Fishy Tic Tac Toe craft. They will enjoy playing this game that they made themselves over and over again with family and friends.

Critter Bookmarks – Children this age are just starting to learn how to read. Encourage a lifelong love of reading by helping them make their own handmade bookmark of their favorite animal like these Critter Bookmarks.

Tissue Box Monkey – Teach good hygiene and personal care by encouraging your child to use tissues from this cute tissue box decoration when they sneeze or blow their nose. You can use this idea for a Tissue Box Monkey to make more tissue box animals, such as an elephant with paper towel roll trunk or a purple hungry hippo.

Craft Ideas for Older Elementary Students

Older elementary students may be more self conscious about their crafting abilities. Some may even be hesitant to try at first, worried that their project won’t come out “right”. Remind them that every craft is beautiful because it is a one of a kind piece. Here are a few craft ideas ideal for children in upper elementary school:

Photo Pencil Holder – Your child can create their own Photo Pencil Holder to keep their pencils on their homework desk. This also is an excellent craft they can make as a gift for family members on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Grandparent’s Day.

Clothespin Biplane – This Clothespin Biplane is an easy project, but provides older elementary students with an opportunity to be creative with how they choose to paint their plane. Enhance the experience by researching how planes work online.

Butterfly Bookmark – Your child can keep their spot in the latest book they are reading with these Butterfly Bookmarks. Encourage them to make extra to share with friends. This idea can also be used with other decorations based on your child’s likes and interests – bugs, sports, stars, and anything else you can imagine.

Earth Day Plant Container – Put recycling into practice by transforming a used container into an Earth Day Plant Container, just in time for Earth Day in April. Place the finished product in your child’s bedroom window, so your child can observe the plant growth cycle from seed to mature plant. They will also learn responsibility by watering the plant regularly.

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Try Our Easy Crafts for Kids, Ages 2 to 5


Out of the handy Craftacular Jar comes many easy crafts for kids.

One of our favorites at Elmer’s is the Pom Pom Chick. The Craftacular Jar comes with everything you need to make this nutty little guy, including pom poms, chenille stems, Elmer’s Tacky Glue, even jiggly eyes.

Just follow the instructions, your little one can make an instant mascot, conversation piece, or a new craft friend. It’s just one of the simple crafts that are ideal for youngsters 2-5 who are just beginning to enjoy building their own crafts.

Elmer’s recommends easy crafts for kids at home or school as an affordable and fun way to develop skills that become invaluable for children as they grow older.

Under the supervision of adults, children learn how to follow directions, problem-solve, and express creativity while building crafts. In a group environment, the benefits of craft-making extend to enhancing cooperative skills and strengthening relationships with other children.

Elmer’s Craftacular, as well as a full line of Elmer’s products, is available at major retailers.

Easy Crafts for Kids Start With Kid-Friendly Elmer’s Glue

Parents and teachers agree: Craft-making is a process that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Elmer’s wants to make certain that happens. We know that every easy craft for kids begins with our products, so Elmer’s developed Early Learners products. They are carefully designed to enable young children to use Elmer’s Glue to build bookmarks, picture frames, masks, gift boxes – virtually any type of craft.

Elmer’s Early Learners Glue Pen and Glue Stick are manufactured with the input of child experts and parents. Both have a no-roll design that facilitates the proper grip for little hands.

The glue’s purple hue, which changes to clear as it dries, makes it easy to see where it has been applied. It’s also easy for children to open and close.

As always, Elmer’s Glue is non-toxic and removes from clothing, skin, and hair easily.

Check regularly for updated ideas on easy crafts for kids, at home and in the classroom.

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