Clamp tape

Clamp Tape

Elmer’s Clamp Tape, for a Sturdy Bond

Clamp tape by Elmer’s is the solution when a conventional clamp can’t handle the job.

Heavy, conventional clamps are perfect for use in the carpentry shop or construction purposes, but often home repairs to household items require a lighter touch.

Whether you need to glue together an oddly shaped table leg or broken cups or plates, or build intricate school or office projects, specially formulated Elmer’s clamp tape is the answer.

When used in conjunction with Elmer’s adhesives such as Fix-All Cement or Household Cement, our clamp tape ensures a bond that is sturdy and restores the repaired item to original functionality.

Elmer’s Clamp Tape is made for use on:

  • Irregularly shaped items. Broken furniture can be difficult to repair.
  • Delicate items. A conventional clamp may crack or even destroy the fragile item you’re trying to repair. Lamps, ornaments, or other objects need careful handling.

Some items need to be clamped lightly, others a bit more snugly. With items that need a firm hold, you can easily adjust the pressure by wrapping Elmer’s clamp tape more tightly.

Elmer’s has also formulated its clamp tape to leave behind no adhesive residue or otherwise damage the materials being bonded. You may paint, varnish or refinish any item that has been glued and clamped and be assured of a clean look. Your repaired item will look as good as new!

Buy Our Clamp Tape at Many Retail Outlets

Elmer’s clamp tape is only one of several products for use around the house or workplace.

Elmer’s offers a variety of specialty home repair products that can be used indoors but are also tough enough for outdoors. All our products are available at hardware, home improvement, craft and grocery stores throughout North America.