Contact Cement

Contact Cement

Quick and Permanent Contact Cement

Elmer’s Contact Cement, inexpensive and with a bond that is both fast and permanent, is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Due to its neoprene nature, our Contact Cement adheres to wood, laminate, metal, and difficult-to-bond plastic with an ultra flexible bond. Elmer’s Contact Cement is also formulated to resist extreme temperatures and is particularly suited for hot weather.

Because it’s water resistant, it’s tough enough to apply to items that will be outside, such as flower pots or lawn furniture. As with all Elmer’s adhesives, our Contact Cement dries quickly and clearly. Your bond is undetectable.

In some cases, you may wish to allow a glued object to set overnight to be certain the bond is dry and strong.

Some examples of how Elmer’s Contact Cement excels in everyday instances:

  • It’s the ideal adhesive for plastic toys.
  • Contact Cement is able to bond rubber to plastic, two difficult materials to bond. If your raincoat needs repair, Elmer’s Contact Cement was made for you. The bond will hold up in wet weather and rough usage.
  • Laminate countertops that have begun to lift from a subsurface can easily be reattached. No need to clamp, either.
  • Furniture or cabinets with wood veneers, even thin tiles, can also be repaired to look good as new.

When making repairs, be sure to apply Elmer’s Contact Cement to both surfaces that will be bonded, not just one. This enables the glue to attach to itself and ensures a strong hold.

It’s also solvent-free and low-odor, but Elmer’s recommends contact cement be used in well-ventilated areas.