Keep Them Learning With Crafts for Kids


Summer crafting is fun, especially when siblings or a group of friends gather to take on a project. Building crafts together also brings families and friends closer and teaches young people how to behave in a social setting.

But in addition to enjoyment and camaraderie, summer crafting offers another benefit. Creating crafts also keep children’s minds active. This is especially important when they are out of the classroom.

Testing has long showed that when students take a prolonged break from school, they often forget lessons they were taught earlier. As a result, part of the following academic year is spent refreshing memories instead of moving on to new topics.

Keeping young minds engaged is the best way to help children retain and expand their knowledge. Crafts for kids are particularly helpful in boosting brain function. As the children master certain skills, you can continue to challenge them with crafts that are increasingly difficult to make.

You can also choose projects that appeal to the interests of individual kids.

Summer crafting is a convenient and affordable way to keep idle hands busy during those long days that otherwise may be spent in front of the computer or television.

Elmer’s wants to help young people spend time away from school more productively. Parents and teachers, check out our crafts for kids projects.

Try This Craft With a Plastic Bug!

Glue Fossil

Here is a simple craft project that appeals to kids’ senses.

You’ll need a newspaper, some plastic bugs, a plastic lid from any type of jar and Elmer’s Clear Washable School Glue Gel.

Spread the newspaper on a table or the floor, then place the lid on the paper. Put a plastic bug in the center of the lid, then fill to the top with the Clear Washable School Glue Gel.

It may take a couple days for the glue to dry. You may need to add more glue if the glue level gets low.

Pull the glue from the lid. The bug will appear to be encased in sap or “amber.”

Use this craft to decorate a bedroom or save it for Halloween season to decorate your house. Have you made one? Visit our Facebook page and share!