DIY Entryway Bench with Storage


Storage Bench

Enhance your entryway with this DIY entryway bench with storage. Elmer’s Carpenter’s Interior Wood Glue and Wood Filler will help you complete this project.

Skill level: hard

Supplies needed

  1. Elmer’s® Carpenter’s® Interior Wood Glue
  2. Elmer’s® Carpenter’s® Wood Filler
  3. 1 sheet of oak plywood 3/4″ thick. Get it cut in half length-wise.
  4. 4 bowls from the thrift store for faux bun feet
  5. 4 baskets (or buffet warmers if you can find them)
  6. Power tools (This project uses a miter saw, circular saw and jigsaw)
  7. Scrap wood for the inside of the baskets
  8. Step by step instructions

    • Storage Bench

      Get cutting:

      • Top panel = 58 1/12″ x 2 ft
      • Bottom panel = 58 1/12″ x 2 ft
      • 2 end panels = 14 3/4″ x 2 ft
      • 2 inside panels = 14 3/4″ x 2ft.
    • Storage Bench

      With a Kreg Drill, make pocket holes in the end and inside panels.

    • Storage Bench

      Put a bead of Elmer’s Interior Wood Glue along the edge and hold in place with a clamp to let it set a few minutes. Do this before trying to screw or nail boards together because there will be an even stronger bond between the materials.

    • Storage Bench

      Now you can add the top panel. Put wood glue on the ends and inside pieces and then place the top on and nail it down with your brad nailer and 2” nails. You can also use a regular hammer and nails.

    • Storage Bench

      Use your Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Filler to fill in your pocket holes. After that dries, sand it.

    • Storage Bench

      Iron on a roll of wood veneer to finish off the raw edges of your cut wood. The veneer is ¾” wide, which will be perfect for your ¾” thick oak plywood. If there is any overhang, use a razor to shave it off.

    • Storage Bench

      Then give the wood a good wash and wax. Give it a good wash of chalk paint mixed with water and brush it on. Then, wipe it off quickly. Next, use liming wax perpendicular to the grain of the oak and push the white wax into the grain and then allow it to settle into the grain.

    • Storage Bench

      Add a pop of color by painting the inside.

    • Storage Bench

      Add your “bun feet.” The example uses wooden bowls as “bun feet” from a thrift store. Drill a hole in the middle of the bun feet and then drill a hole in the base of your bench. Add them to the bottom with screws and wing nuts.

    • Storage Bench

      If you have baskets you want to use, use those or you can DIY your own baskets like the example. Glue and nail pieces of scrap wood together and line the old buffet warmers. Glue pads to the bottom of the buffet warmers so they don’t scratch the paint. Now that you’re done, place your new entryway bench with storage in your mudroom, kitchen or other entryway.

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