Easter Projects

Bunny Treat Holder - Easter Craft

Spring is finally here, and that means Easter is only a couple of days away. And with the kids celebrating the holiday, it’s the opportune time to get them creative and having fun at the same time. While this year’s Easter may find you by surprise, it’s OK! All you will need is a few simple items and a little motivation to make some stunning Easter-themed creations. Here are some easy Easter craft ideas for you and your kids to enjoy.

Note: Some of the Easter craft ideas may require adult supervision.

Easter Bunny Treat Holder

You will require a large foam sheet (white, red, and pink), jiggly eyes, chenille stems, one large red pom pom, three small pink pom poms, a pencil, a pair of scissors, a plain paper, and glue.

Using your pencil, draw the bunny face shape on a piece of paper (a heart shape for this case). Cut out the heart shape, trace it onto a white foam paper, and then cut two faces out. Using glue, stick the two faces together beginning halfway down and along the bottom. Do it on both sides. This creates the treat pocket.

For the bunny ears, make one large outside ear and a slightly smaller inner ear. Trace the outer and the inner ear on the white and pink foam sheet respectively, and then cut them out. Using the glue stick the pink ear onto the white ear and glue the bottom of both ears inside the treat pocket. Glue the jiggly eyes, the whiskers, and the red pom pom for the nose.

Foam Easter Eggs

You will need foam sheets, a range of assorted colours (pastel colors work best), glue, a pair of scissors, plain paper, and a pencil.

Draw an egg shape on the paper and cut the out. Using your template, trace the outline onto the foam sheet and cut out the shape. Using the different foam sheet colors, cutout an assortment of shapes and glue them onto your egg for decoration.

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