Father’s Day Crafts, From the Heart


Father’s Day crafts, created with the help of Elmer’s products, show Dad that you care enough to build something for him from the heart.

If the kids have had practice making crafts for Mother’s Day, these simple projects should be easy and fun. A little supervision from an adult is helpful, especially when it’s time to use the glue gun.

Here are a few Father’s Day craft ideas from Elmer’s. Feel free to use your imagination in adding anything you wish. Make each craft really special by personalizing them with a message and by choosing materials in his favorite colours:

  • Father’s Day Rocks. This project starts outside. Maybe friends can help pick rocks that will make the perfect keepsake. The images give some ideas but you can transform stones into almost anything! Take a minute to think about what you would like to make for dad and search for stones that are the right size, shape and texture for your creation.
  • Dad’s Tie/Bookmark Card. Decorate your foam tie with stars. Or perhaps take a hint from a real tie that Dad owns and try to duplicate the design in this little project.
  • Father’s Day Notepad. As with other projects, this one calls for using either Elmer’s Tacky Glue or a glue gun. An adult is recommended to help with the glue gun.

While it’s great to surprise father with a hand-made gift, consider inviting dad to help with his own project. This time he spends with family makes any craft even more memorable.

Remember Father’s Day Crafts for Others

Stepfathers and grandfathers are also fathers, so don’t forget to give them something in appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done and the love they’ve given. The Elmer’s Father’s Day crafts on our website are simple, so go ahead and make several so there are enough to go around.

Every Elmer’s product used in building our crafts or featured on the website can be found in mass retail outlets throughout Canada and North America, including hardware, grocery, and drug stores as well as craft and hobby centers.