Our Foam Glue, a Craft Favorite


Elmer’s foam glue is a favorite when it’s time to create crafts. Here’s why:

Elmer's Foam Glue

  • It helps you build crafts with no unsightly glue lines. The best crafts look as if they were built with no glue at all. Our foam glue dries clear, so even if you are a bit messy in applying it, no one will know.
  • It sets up fast. No need to hold or secure pieces together. Elmer’s foam glue bonds within seconds so you can quickly move on to the next step while you set aside for the glue to dry. This is the perfect glue to take on complex projects that are made up of lots of materials.
  • Elmer’s foam glue was made specifically for gluing foam to beads, paper, wood, almost anything, without soaking through or otherwise damaging the foam.
  • Your craft item will have a long, sturdy life because our foam glue holds fast and doesn’t become brittle over time. Materials remain stuck together with our foam glue, even in the hands of curious little ones.

Want to try Elmer’s foam glue for yourself?

Check out these craft ideas that use Elmer’s colourful, pliable foam which adds texture to projects. Our foam comes in easy-to-cut sheets, all types of shapes, and stickers.

Other adhesives made by Elmer’s, such as our all-purpose Tacky Glue, work well on all types of crafts. But if you have an afternoon of projects ahead of you that use lots of foam, we recommend our foam glue.

A Bit More About Our Glues

Like all our adhesives, Elmer’s foam glue is non-toxic and perfectly safe for children of all ages to use. It never damages surfaces and cleans up easily, so kids can use it without adult supervision.

Elmer’s adhesives are made with chemicals drawn from raw materials found in nature. Animals or animal parts are never used in making our glues.

Our FAQ page has additional facts on Elmer’s glues.

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