Get Ready for Camp with Art Projects for Kids


Help your children get ready for camp and a summer of swimming, hiking, campfires, and story-telling with Elmer’s art projects for kids.

Building these special crafts serves to bring families closer before children depart for camp. Is your child anxious about going? Discussing all the wonderful camp activities during crafting sessions and the prospect of bringing a completed project or two along with them may help them to anticipate the fun times ahead with a little more excitement and less nervousness.

The art projects for kids below are fairly simple and don’t require much experience in creating crafts. Elmer’s Tacky Glue, or a glue gun, is required for each. Make sure an adult is around when the glue gun is being used.

  • Chenille Stem Flip Flops. These are the perfect footwear after a long hike or in the tent or bunkhouse before snuggling into bed or the sleeping bag. Materials include flip flops, pony beads, and chenille stems. Vary the design a little for a unique look.
  • Craft Stick Frame. Elmer’s Jumbo Craft Sticks and Shimmer’n Shine, paint, magnets, Pom-Poms and clothespins are needed for this project. Paint the clothespins and seven craft sticks any colour you wish, keeping in mind the overall look of the frame when it’s finished. Glaze the sticks with Shimmer’n Shine. Construct the frame, glue magnets on the back for hanging, and decorate with the Pom-Poms, or any kind of glitter or jewels you want.
  • Paper Maché Box. This craft project requires a square or round box, paint and paintbrush, and Pom-Poms. It’s another project that is easily customized by selecting different paint colours and Pom-Pom patterns, and it’s perfect for storing hair accessories and small toiletries while at camp.

These art projects for kids also serve as a comforting reminder of home when the campers take them with them for the summer. What are you doing to help your child prepare for camp? Visit our Facebook page and share your tips!

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