Holiday Crafting With Elmer’s


At Elmer’s, we love the idea of holiday crafting; you can make some terrific gifts for the special people in your life.

Too often, the holidays revolves around repeated trips to the mall for store-bought gifts that don’t always seem as if they come from the heart. Holiday crafting with Elmer’s products is the ultimate expression of sincerity. Who doesn’t love a specially made gift that took time and effort?

Another bonus: Elmer’s holiday craft materials are inexpensive and easily found.

Gifts don’t require any themes. The goal is for the recipient to find uses for your gift all year long.

Ideas for Easy-to-Make Holiday Crafts

To make these holiday crafts, have Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue and Elmer’s ProBond Max Wood Glue on hand.

  • Custom shim-framed mirror. This practical piece also doubles as handsome decor for that bare space on the wall. The number of shims depends on the size of your mirror – 40 at the minimum. The mirror should be round, although a square mirror also works. The shims should be stained, glued together, then attached to the plywood backing. Our adhesive provides a strong bond to hold the mirror in place.
  • Frame turned tray. How easy is this? Attach metal cabinet pulls to a picture frame, then add a photo, artwork or piece of wallpaper. You’ll be surprised how often this tray gets used.
  • House numbers sign. The pieces of crushed glass and mirror reflect light to make the numbers visible at night. When attaching the glass and mirror pieces, use plenty of glue. Don’t worry – Elmer’s dries clear.
  • Numbered table. Follow the painting instructions, or get creative and paint an old coffee table any way you wish. Remember to sand the table first. Make it interesting by attaching metal house numbers of varying sizes and shapes.

What are your holiday crafting plans? Stop by our Facebook page and share your ideas!