Holiday Crafts, Made with Love and Foam Glue


Slow down the hectic time before the holidays with a day of building holiday crafts with Elmer’s Foam Glue.

Your children or students will enjoy the chance to spend time with you on a creative project, and you’ll appreciate the restful change of pace.

Elmer’s Foam Glue is ideal for holiday crafts, which can require bonding foam to a variety of materials such as wood, sequins, glitter and beads. The glue is undetectable because it dries clear.

As with all our adhesives, Elmer’s Foam Glue is safe for children because it is non-toxic. It also cleans up easily and comes out of hair and clothing.

The materials you need for any Elmer’s craft project are inexpensive and available at local craft, grocery, home improvement, and hardware stores.


Try These Colourful Holiday Crafts

Below are a few easy-to-make holiday crafts that are sure to get you and the kids in a festive mood. On crafts that require the use of foam, Elmer’s Foam Glue gets the best results.

  • Glitter Magnetic Wreath. This is slightly more complicated than the other crafts but is worth the effort. An adult needs to help with using the utility knife.
  • Foam Ornaments. Fun with foam sheets and glitter. If you want to place these ornaments in a window, attach suction cups to the back. To put them on the refrigerator, glue small, lightweight magnets on the back.

Decorating with holiday crafts lends a distinctive, personal touch to your classroom or home during the end of the year. For more craft ideas, stop by our Facebook page on Friday to see a new crafting video!

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