Home Repairs Are Quick and Easy with Elmer’s


Warmer weather motivates many homeowners to tackle home repairs. Elmer’s can help you complete that to-do list and get your home ready for the busy summer months.Here are a few quick fixes to common household problems. Prepare to be amazed at how little effort it takes to make life at home much easier.

  • Wobbly drawers are a real nuisance. They can be difficult to open and seem to become more fragile with every use. Stop the wobble by first removing the drawer from the cabinet. Attach a piece of quarter-round trim at least an inch high to two or more of the inside corners, using Elmer’s Wood Glue to keep it in place. For extra stability, drill a screw through the quarter-round from the inside, taking care not to penetrate to the outside of the drawer.
  • Nail holes in walls seem to proliferate like weeds, especially if you have children who like to hang posters or other objects. Elmer’s has a product specifically to fill nail holes – appropriately called Elmer’s Nail Hole Filler. The filler is easy to use and dries hard after only 15 minutes. Then sand and paint and no one will guess where the hole was.

Elmer’s has a product for virtually every type of home repair. Minor fixes, such as scratches to the back deck or wood furniture, take minutes with Elmer’s ProBond Max or any of our other wood fillers. Just sand and stain for a look that’s good as new.Visit our home repair products to check out all of our products and stayed tuned for our Home Repairs Part 2.