Inspire Creativity With Crafts for Toddlers


Elmer’s Early Learners Products help build children’s confidence for success and spark the creative streak everyone has within themselves.

Inspire a love of crafting with Elmer’s products that are made designed for children ages 2 to 5. This product line was created with the early learning experts at Ohio State University’s Schoebaum Family Center and moms to design glue bottles and sticks that promote fine motor skill development. Early Learners Glue Pen and Glue Stick, both disappearing purple glue, are washable, easy to use, non-toxic, and encourages proper writing grip.

Other Elmer’s products include our No-Run School Glue and School Glue Gel, both of which stay where they are applied without dripping.

Overseeing crafts for toddlers may seem challenging, but the benefits are far-reaching:

  • Young minds and little hands are occupied in a safe and fun exploratory activity
  • Thinking and motor skills are promoted
  • Social skills develop when several children make crafts together while cooperating with adults

It’s best to let your toddler take the lead for any craft project, but a parent or adult should always be available to offer guidance. Let them experiment while trying to keep children focused on completing the project, even if that means the child becomes disinterested and abandons it for a few hours or even a couple days.

Building a particular craft isn’t always necessary. Many children prefer to simply colour and glue materials together in the beginning. Making a mess may be what your toddler enjoys most about crafting.

We’d love to see the art you and your toddler create. Visit our Facebook page and share your latest creation!

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