Keep Carpenter’s Glue Around the House

Carpenters Wood Glue

You don’t need to be an experienced woodworker to appreciate Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue.

This glue is the favourite of professionals and homeowners alike. Today’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue is easier than ever to work with, setting quickly for a super-strong bond.

Millions of people use our wood glue everyday for:

Carpenter's Wood Glue

  • Wood repairs. Anything made of wood or wood-like products can be repaired, including furniture, musical instruments, or items found around the house or office. Need to glue a wobbly chair? Our glue works so well the wood would break before the bond.
  • Complex craft projects. Carpenter’s Wood Glue is the ideal choice for business or school projects that need to stand up to lots of handling. No need to worry about your project falling apart. Our glue creates a bond stronger than the wood itself.
  • Woodworking. Our glue is a staple in shops of both professional and non-professional woodworkers. It’s common for woodworkers to first add glue to a joint, then nail the joint to ensure a double-strength bond.

Some Tips on Using Carpenter’s Wood Glue

When working with Carpenter’s Wood Glue by Elmer’s:

  • Make certain the surface is clean. Dust and dirt affect the ability of the glue to bond.
  • Uniformly cover large surfaces by applying glue in a wave pattern, then spread the glue with a wooden stick or roller.
  • Apply more glue in the middle of the joint, less around the edges. This minimizes glue “ooze” when two surfaces are joined.
  • Clamping is helpful, especially when two large objects are being joined. A joint is typically fully set in an hour or two, although for larger projects it may require more time.
  • Excess glue is easily scraped, planed or sanded off, so a glued joint is virtually undetectable. Elmer’s Carpenter’s Glue can be painted over, so brush right over the glued joint.

Elmer’s Carpenter’s Glue is intended for interior use. Check out our other home repair products for help around the house!