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Plastic Glue: Your Go-To Tool for Difficult Bonds

Elmer's Fix All

Bonding plastic to wood, paper, ceramic, metal, even more plastic, calls for a plastic glue made specifically for the job.

The most common types of plastic are polypropylene, polyethylene, or PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride. Regardless of makeup, plastics are well-known for being difficult to glue because their non-porous, smooth nature doesn’t allow glues to “grab”.

Elmer’s has solved the problem. We manufacture a variety of plastic glues for the home repair DIYer, hobby enthusiast, student, employee, parent, and child.

Some of Elmer’s most popular glues made for bonding plastic are:

  • Fix All Cement. Ideal for bonding objects that are placed outdoors or that may be subject to temperature extremes or moisture. It is solvent-free, so Fix All may also be used indoors.
  • ProBond Advanced. A multipurpose glue that is a breeze to use and cleans up with just soap and water. The most interesting characteristic about ProBond Advanced is that it has the same bond strength and similar attributes of a polyurethane without the foaming. It dries without a trace and is paintable. Use it to bond plastic to materials such as stone, wood or ceramic.
  • Elmer's Fix All

  • Glue All. A staple of both home and the workplace, Elmer’s has formulated this all-purpose glue for a variety of uses. Ideal for quick fixes on common repairs.
  • Model + Hobby Cement. Created particularly for use on models and for crafting, this adhesive dries clear and is practically undetectable after painting. Excellent for use on polysterene plastic, the material of many model kits.

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