Repositionable Glue


Repositionable Glue is Freedom!

Repositionable glue enables you to build any type of project while giving you the flexibility of removing items after they are glued.

Elmer’s Craftbond Repositionable Glue Stick is the perfect adhesive for:

Craftbond Repositionable Glue Stick

  • Crafting. Sometimes it’s fun to try different versions of a craft, and repositionable glue enables you to stick and re-stick to your heart’s content until you have everything positioned just the way you want. This is especially handy when creativity is involved.
  • Household projects such as stenciling or photo framing. Experiment with photo arrangements by gluing images to mat boards before framing. Our tacky glue is flexible, allowing you to move photos until you’re satisfied. Elmer’s glue also holds stencils in place securely for a crisp look after spray painting.
  • Work or school. Create your own “stickies” for notes on a chart, poster, graph or business presentation.

Our repositionable glue is for those who want the freedom to change their minds. Remember to wait about a minute after applying glue to any surface, or until glue is dry, before attaching another object or materials such as cardboard or paper to it.

A tip on how to remove materials cleanly:

To reposition material such as cardboard or paper, begin at a corner and slowly pull. It may take a little practice, but soon you’ll find you can easily remove anything that has been bonded with Elmer’s repositionable glue.

Once an object has been moved, simply rub off the excess glue for a clean, smooth surface.

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