School Glue


Got a Project? Get Our School Glue and Glue Stick

For students preparing for another academic year, Elmer’s School Glue is as indispensable as pencils and backpacks.

For decades, Elmer’s School Glue and Glue Stick has helped students create all types of projects that earn high marks from teachers. Elmer’s quality products have been a staple in the classroom for generations of students the world over.




All of our school glues are designed to be kid- and parent-friendly:

  • Elmer’s school adhesives are water soluble, so accidents are easily washed off hands and out of clothes, hair, or wherever they occur. Our school glue is washable days, even weeks later.
  • Your child or student can safely use any Elmer’s products – they’re all non-toxic. Also, animal by-products are never used in the manufacturing of our adhesive.
  • Elmer’s School Glue is also affordable. As long as the bottle is capped tightly, the glue lasts a couple of years – although it may be used up way before that.

School Glue or Glue Stick for Everyone

Elmer’s has developed a variety of school adhesives for use on school projects in the classroom and at home:

  • Earth Friendly School Glue. Made largely from plants, this glue comes in both pourable and stick forms and works just as well as other Elmer’s adhesives. The containers and labels are made of recycled materials.
  • X-treme School Glue Stick. Ideal for tough projects that require a super-strong adhesive. Use it to bond materials to wood, fabric, foam board, or any rough surface.
  • School Glue Gel. When you need an adhesive that dries clear.
  • No-Run School Glue. Made for children, this glue remains where you put it but is still washable.
  • Early Learners Glue Stick. The no-roll design is ideal for little ones and makes application easy. The cap easily opens and closes, even after repeated use. The adhesive goes on purple and dries clear, so it’s easy to tell where you are gluing and when a project is done. Like all our glue sticks, this product is used like a pencil and encourages proper writing grip.

Purchase Elmer’s School Glue and Glue Stick online or at craft and home improvement stores. What’s your favorite Elmer’s glue?