Sewing Room Organization with Jars


Jar Organization

Supplies Needed for Strawberry Coasters:

  • Elmer’s Pro Bond Advanced
  • Wide Mouth Jars
  • Mini Wooden Spools (usually available in craft store’s wood section)
  • Pins (with ball top)
  • Spray paint in a variety of colors
  • Drop cloth
  • Wax paper

Project Tutorial Steps:

  1. Glue – use the Elmer’s Pro Bond Advanced to secure the wooden spool and pin to the seal lid of the jar. I suggest a small amount on the bottom of the spool, place it, and then fill the center hole with glue and insert the pin. Allow it to dry completely for an hour.
  2. Paint – take your lids, paints and drop cloth, to a well-ventilated area (preferably outside) and paint. I suggest two to three light coats. Allow lids to dry for at least an hour.
  3. Sort – sort your threads and display them in your pretty mason jars!

Project designed for Elmer’s by Kim Byers at The Celebration Shoppe.