Spray Adhesive

Spray Adhesive

Spray Adhesive – Tacky, in a Good Way

Mosaics, collages, posters, stencils, scrapbooks, embroidery appliques, even transferring images to wood – the uses of Elmer’s spray adhesives are limited only by the imagination.

Spray Adhesive

Elmer’s All-Purpose Spray Adhesive is a popular way to bond objects because it is so versatile. For household projects, the office, or school, it works well with any type of material: paper, fabric, foam, cork, and even metal, plastics or leather. It is ideal for uneven or rough surfaces.

People who love creating crafts may wonder: what did we do before spray adhesive?

In many instances it’s preferable to glue because it can be sprayed over a large area quickly and evenly. With a little practice, controlling the amount applied is easy and Elmer’s Spray Adhesive dries quickly and completely invisibly.

Another benefit of using spray adhesive: objects and materials can be repositioned or removed after being bonded. Creating the perfect wallpaper stencil, which requires some finessing, is nearly impossible without it.

A few tips when using Elmer’s spray adhesive:

  • Spray in a well-ventilated area. If possible, spray outside to avoid breathing in odors, but avoid windy conditions. Elmer’s recommends using latex gloves and a face mask to prevent inhaling the fumes.
  • Apply the adhesive as you would spray paint. First shake the canister, hold the can roughly eight inches from surface, and spray as much as you wish. Wait about a half-minute before bonding the material.
  • If you’ve never used Elmer’s All-Purpose Spray Adhesive before, practice on materials or objects that aren’t part of your project. You’ll find it takes just one or two attempts to get the hang of using the spray. A certain amount of overspraying is unavoidable, but with practice you can keep the amount to a minimum.

A Practical Elmer’s Project

If you are concerned a houseguest may fall on an area rug slipping out of position, Elmer’s All-Purpose Spray Adhesive and a slip-resistant mat are the solution.

First, choose the type of spray adhesive you want. Elmer’s makes Extra Strength, Repositionable and All-Purpose formulas.

Spray the underside of the rug and one side of the mat. Within 15 seconds, attach the sprayed surfaces together, making certain the mat lies smoothly.

Wait about an hour before placing the rug on the floor. You’ll find that bonding the slip-resistant mat beneath your area rugs helps to keep the rug in place and is an improvement over the loose mat and rug combination.

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