Summer Decor Crafting for Your Home


Craft projects are not just for kids – summer decor crafting can help beautify homes and provide hours of enjoyment for creative adults.

With the help of Elmer’s products, adults can easily build practical items for around the house that are eye-catching. As with many craft projects, these items require little money to make but add fun to your household.

A summer decor crafting project is also an enjoyable way to spend idle hours during the warm months with a spouse or friend and the perfect opportunity to exercise your creativity away from the cell phone or laptop.

Here are a couple of Elmer’s-approved projects to get you started:

  • Bicycle shelf with handlebar rack. A great summer decor crafting project for the cycling enthusiast. Required supplies include a piece of lumber, bicycle handlebars and gears, star nut, rod, nut and washer, and Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue. Some experience using a drill, hacksaw and jigsaw is helpful – remember, not all craft projects are meant for children. The office or den is an ideal place for this shelf, but be certain to screw it into wall studs or by using anchor bolts for a secure mount.
  • House numbers sign. Materials needed for this craft are crushed glass, a crushed mirror, wood dowel, painter’s tape, Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue and ProBond Max Wood Glue, and house numbers. When this sign is positioned in the front of your home, the crushed glass and mirror pieces reflect light and make identifying your address easy. You can buy crushed glass and mirror pieces at local craft stores or building supply outlets.

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