Terrific Ideas for Kids’ Thanksgiving Crafts


Before the year-end holidays begin to take up large chunks of your time, spare a few creative minutes with the little ones and check out Elmer’s kids’ Thanksgiving crafts.

Here are some project ideas from Elmer’s for you and the children to enjoy. Each one is simple to make but leaves room for each child’s imagination. Stock up on Elmer’s Tacky Glue or Glue All, and be certain to supervise if you choose to use a glue gun:

  • Thankful Turkey – An artistic reminder of all for which we have to be thankful for. Take a short hike and find a few decent-sized pine cones. Glue a pom pom to the back of the pine cone, then glue jiggly eyes to the pom pom. Using multi-coloured foam sheets, cut out shapes for the beak and feathers and attach. Write on pieces of paper a few things for which you are thankful and glue each piece onto the foam feathers.
  • Turkey Napkin Holder – Glue jiggly eyes to the front and feathers to the back of a craft stick. Cut a diamond shape from foam and fold in half for the beak, then attach it to the stick. Paper napkins are adhered on with a chenille stem.
  • Turkey Cup Name Tags – Fit a foam band around a plastic cup. Cut a round shape from foam and glue it to the band. Cut and glue shapes for the beak, wattle and feathers. The name may be displayed on the largest feather in any number of creative ways.
  • Harvest Helper – Make a colorful scarecrow decoration! Cut hat and collar shapes from foam. To create the face, glue six craft sticks to the back of the hat brim and attach the collar. Glue chenille stems below the hat and collar. On the craft sticks, add jiggly eyes and a foam nose and draw a mouth.

Kids’ Thanksgiving Crafts Bring the Family Closer

There is a lot to like about kids’ Thanksgiving crafts. How many activities can you enjoy that are so satisfying yet inexpensive? For the cost of a few basic materials that are easily found at your local craft or hardware store, you can spend precious time with your children that you and they will always treasure.

The children will have memories of creating crafts with the family around the holidays. Those memories will be even more vivid if they can save a few of the crafts they made and display them, year after year, around the corresponding holiday.

For more craft ideas throughout the holiday season, browse our Craft Project Ideas!

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Break Summer Boredom With Summer Crafts for Kids


Fun summer crafts for kids are one of the best ways to prevent that age-old whine of school holidays: “I’m bored!”

Craft projects channel untapped creativity in children while providing a social atmosphere of cooperation and enjoyment. They’re also a wholesome alternative to texting or television and, with Elmer’s Crafting Club, offer unlimited ideas to keep kids busy for hours at a time.

Via easy-to-understand videos, Elmer’s Crafting Club shows kids and supervising adults how to create fun and interesting new projects. Some videos of terrific and inexpensive summer crafts for kids available on Elmer’s Crafting Club right now:

  • Funky summer flip flops. Transform a pair of ordinary flip flops into one-of-kind footwear with just a few simple materials.
  • Back to school picture frame. Your school portrait, or the portrait of a friend or pet, now has a home!
  • Fun bookmarks. One more reason to reach for a book. You’ll never lose your place now.
  • T-shirt painting. Who needs a T-shirt from a store with a design everyone else will be wearing? Customize your clothes using any design you want with the help of Elmer’s Gel Glue.
  • Happy birthday card. A personally made card is one that is so much more meaningful to the recipient, and helps teach children about caring for others.
  • Backpack tag. No more rifling through a backpack to figure out whose it is. This tag identifies its owner immediately.

By subscribing to Elmer’s Crafting Club on YouTube, you’ll always be notified when a new video is available. It’s easy – just click on the red “Subscribe” button below the screen on any YouTube page.

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Get Ready for Camp with Art Projects for Kids


Help your children get ready for camp and a summer of swimming, hiking, campfires, and story-telling with Elmer’s art projects for kids.

Building these special crafts serves to bring families closer before children depart for camp. Is your child anxious about going? Discussing all the wonderful camp activities during crafting sessions and the prospect of bringing a completed project or two along with them may help them to anticipate the fun times ahead with a little more excitement and less nervousness.

The art projects for kids below are fairly simple and don’t require much experience in creating crafts. Elmer’s Tacky Glue, or a glue gun, is required for each. Make sure an adult is around when the glue gun is being used.

  • Chenille Stem Flip Flops. These are the perfect footwear after a long hike or in the tent or bunkhouse before snuggling into bed or the sleeping bag. Materials include flip flops, pony beads, and chenille stems. Vary the design a little for a unique look.
  • Craft Stick Frame. Elmer’s Jumbo Craft Sticks and Shimmer’n Shine, paint, magnets, Pom-Poms and clothespins are needed for this project. Paint the clothespins and seven craft sticks any colour you wish, keeping in mind the overall look of the frame when it’s finished. Glaze the sticks with Shimmer’n Shine. Construct the frame, glue magnets on the back for hanging, and decorate with the Pom-Poms, or any kind of glitter or jewels you want.
  • Paper Maché Box. This craft project requires a square or round box, paint and paintbrush, and Pom-Poms. It’s another project that is easily customized by selecting different paint colours and Pom-Pom patterns, and it’s perfect for storing hair accessories and small toiletries while at camp.

These art projects for kids also serve as a comforting reminder of home when the campers take them with them for the summer. What are you doing to help your child prepare for camp? Visit our Facebook page and share your tips!

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Inspire Creativity With Crafts for Toddlers


Elmer’s Early Learners Products help build children’s confidence for success and spark the creative streak everyone has within themselves.

Inspire a love of crafting with Elmer’s products that are made designed for children ages 2 to 5. This product line was created with the early learning experts at Ohio State University’s Schoebaum Family Center and moms to design glue bottles and sticks that promote fine motor skill development. Early Learners Glue Pen and Glue Stick, both disappearing purple glue, are washable, easy to use, non-toxic, and encourages proper writing grip.

Other Elmer’s products include our No-Run School Glue and School Glue Gel, both of which stay where they are applied without dripping.

Overseeing crafts for toddlers may seem challenging, but the benefits are far-reaching:

  • Young minds and little hands are occupied in a safe and fun exploratory activity
  • Thinking and motor skills are promoted
  • Social skills develop when several children make crafts together while cooperating with adults

It’s best to let your toddler take the lead for any craft project, but a parent or adult should always be available to offer guidance. Let them experiment while trying to keep children focused on completing the project, even if that means the child becomes disinterested and abandons it for a few hours or even a couple days.

Building a particular craft isn’t always necessary. Many children prefer to simply colour and glue materials together in the beginning. Making a mess may be what your toddler enjoys most about crafting.

We’d love to see the art you and your toddler create. Visit our Facebook page and share your latest creation!

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Try Our Easy Crafts for Kids, Ages 2 to 5


Out of the handy Craftacular Jar comes many easy crafts for kids.

One of our favorites at Elmer’s is the Pom Pom Chick. The Craftacular Jar comes with everything you need to make this nutty little guy, including pom poms, chenille stems, Elmer’s Tacky Glue, even jiggly eyes.

Just follow the instructions, your little one can make an instant mascot, conversation piece, or a new craft friend. It’s just one of the simple crafts that are ideal for youngsters 2-5 who are just beginning to enjoy building their own crafts.

Elmer’s recommends easy crafts for kids at home or school as an affordable and fun way to develop skills that become invaluable for children as they grow older.

Under the supervision of adults, children learn how to follow directions, problem-solve, and express creativity while building crafts. In a group environment, the benefits of craft-making extend to enhancing cooperative skills and strengthening relationships with other children.

Elmer’s Craftacular, as well as a full line of Elmer’s products, is available at major retailers.

Easy Crafts for Kids Start With Kid-Friendly Elmer’s Glue

Parents and teachers agree: Craft-making is a process that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Elmer’s wants to make certain that happens. We know that every easy craft for kids begins with our products, so Elmer’s developed Early Learners products. They are carefully designed to enable young children to use Elmer’s Glue to build bookmarks, picture frames, masks, gift boxes – virtually any type of craft.

Elmer’s Early Learners Glue Pen and Glue Stick are manufactured with the input of child experts and parents. Both have a no-roll design that facilitates the proper grip for little hands.

The glue’s purple hue, which changes to clear as it dries, makes it easy to see where it has been applied. It’s also easy for children to open and close.

As always, Elmer’s Glue is non-toxic and removes from clothing, skin, and hair easily.

Check regularly for updated ideas on easy crafts for kids, at home and in the classroom.

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