Create Memories with Fun Halloween Crafts


Much of the excitement of Halloween is the anticipation of the event. Coming up with costume ideas, carving jack-o-lanterns and decorating the house to look spooky are activities children remember far into adulthood.

With What the help of Elmer’s products, you can add to those memories with Halloween crafts. All it takes are a few inexpensive items, a large table and a room full of children who are ready for fun. Every Elmer’s product used in building our crafts or featured on the website can be found in mass retail outlets throughout Canada, including hardware, grocery, and drug stores as well as craft and hobby centers.

In so many ways, building crafts is the perfect way to enjoy the day leading up to the night of trick-or-treating. Images of witches, skeletons, goblins, spiders and ghosts are familiar to little ones and lend themselves to imaginative projects.

For added fun, have the kids wear their costumes while they make their crafts.

Halloween Craft Ideas

Below are a few popular, yet simple, craft ideas from Elmer’s. Along with the listed materials, you’ll need Elmer’s Tacky Glue.

  • Pumpkin decorating. There’s something about pumpkins that inspires great creativity. Use these directions as a guide, then try out some of your own ideas. This project works well for young children because it requires no carving.
  • Yard and garden ghosts. No need to go to the store for decorations. Make your own, then dress up the house and yard. Remember to keep your creations in storage for next year.
  • Crazy hanging spider. This project comes in two parts, the body and the face, and may require a little help from an adult to finish.
  • Spook-tacular cats. When everyone is finished building their cats, snap a photo of the creations and post it on social media, to share with your friends.

To see more Halloween crafts, visit our craft projects page.

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