Break Summer Boredom With Summer Crafts for Kids


Fun summer crafts for kids are one of the best ways to prevent that age-old whine of school holidays: “I’m bored!”

Craft projects channel untapped creativity in children while providing a social atmosphere of cooperation and enjoyment. They’re also a wholesome alternative to texting or television and, with Elmer’s Crafting Club, offer unlimited ideas to keep kids busy for hours at a time.

Via easy-to-understand videos, Elmer’s Crafting Club shows kids and supervising adults how to create fun and interesting new projects. Some videos of terrific and inexpensive summer crafts for kids available on Elmer’s Crafting Club right now:

  • Funky summer flip flops. Transform a pair of ordinary flip flops into one-of-kind footwear with just a few simple materials.
  • Back to school picture frame. Your school portrait, or the portrait of a friend or pet, now has a home!
  • Fun bookmarks. One more reason to reach for a book. You’ll never lose your place now.
  • T-shirt painting. Who needs a T-shirt from a store with a design everyone else will be wearing? Customize your clothes using any design you want with the help of Elmer’s Gel Glue.
  • Happy birthday card. A personally made card is one that is so much more meaningful to the recipient, and helps teach children about caring for others.
  • Backpack tag. No more rifling through a backpack to figure out whose it is. This tag identifies its owner immediately.

By subscribing to Elmer’s Crafting Club on YouTube, you’ll always be notified when a new video is available. It’s easy – just click on the red “Subscribe” button below the screen on any YouTube page.

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