Teacher Appreciation Gifts


Teacher appreciation gifts range from a simple “thank you” to expensive store-bought items. But most teachers cherish a gift from the heart. Homemade items demonstrating thoughtfulness and effort are the ideal gift for the educator who has helped your student open new windows on life. Elmer’s can help you create them.

A few suggestions on how to choose teacher appreciation gifts that will be long remembered:

  • Make a gift that reflects the personal connection you and your child have with your teacher. Little things often mean the most.
  • Low maintenance is good. Not every teacher has a green thumb or is handy with a hammer. Keep your gift simple.
  • Have fun making it! This gift is a token of your appreciation; enjoy the time you put in so it’s not just another chore to mark off your to-do list.

Teacher appreciation gifts made with Elmer’s products fit each of these recommendations. They are simple, inexpensive and tasteful.

Practical Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Gifts

  • Popsicle sled ornament. Popsicle sticks are among the most versatile craft material. And who doesn’t love personalizing a Christmas tree with homemade ornaments?
  • Wine cork bath mat. Teachers who are wine drinkers will be particularly delighted with this gift. No need to take the time to save used corks, either. Corks can be in purchased in bulk at craft stores or other specialty stores. Note: this project requires a hot glue gun for best results.
  • Patterned office containers. Teachers like to be organized at home as well as in the classroom. This project uses paint and brushes to add colour to office containers that can help categorize supplies.
  • DIY Market Tote Bag. Another opportunity to use Elmer’s painted paint markers, which work on canvas just as well as on plastic, metal, wood or glass.
  • DIY Donut pillows. No sewing skills are required on this fun project. A hot glue gun will bond the fabrics instead of thread. These distinctive pillows are great for a den.

We know the holidays can be stressful so we hope these ideas ease some of the burden!