Terrific Ideas for Kids’ Thanksgiving Crafts


Before the year-end holidays begin to take up large chunks of your time, spare a few creative minutes with the little ones and check out Elmer’s kids’ Thanksgiving crafts.

Here are some project ideas from Elmer’s for you and the children to enjoy. Each one is simple to make but leaves room for each child’s imagination. Stock up on Elmer’s Tacky Glue or Glue All, and be certain to supervise if you choose to use a glue gun:

  • Thankful Turkey – An artistic reminder of all for which we have to be thankful for. Take a short hike and find a few decent-sized pine cones. Glue a pom pom to the back of the pine cone, then glue jiggly eyes to the pom pom. Using multi-coloured foam sheets, cut out shapes for the beak and feathers and attach. Write on pieces of paper a few things for which you are thankful and glue each piece onto the foam feathers.
  • Turkey Napkin Holder – Glue jiggly eyes to the front and feathers to the back of a craft stick. Cut a diamond shape from foam and fold in half for the beak, then attach it to the stick. Paper napkins are adhered on with a chenille stem.
  • Turkey Cup Name Tags – Fit a foam band around a plastic cup. Cut a round shape from foam and glue it to the band. Cut and glue shapes for the beak, wattle and feathers. The name may be displayed on the largest feather in any number of creative ways.
  • Harvest Helper – Make a colorful scarecrow decoration! Cut hat and collar shapes from foam. To create the face, glue six craft sticks to the back of the hat brim and attach the collar. Glue chenille stems below the hat and collar. On the craft sticks, add jiggly eyes and a foam nose and draw a mouth.

Kids’ Thanksgiving Crafts Bring the Family Closer

There is a lot to like about kids’ Thanksgiving crafts. How many activities can you enjoy that are so satisfying yet inexpensive? For the cost of a few basic materials that are easily found at your local craft or hardware store, you can spend precious time with your children that you and they will always treasure.

The children will have memories of creating crafts with the family around the holidays. Those memories will be even more vivid if they can save a few of the crafts they made and display them, year after year, around the corresponding holiday.

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