Versatile ProBond Wood Fillers Bond Strong


You just may be surprised at the many everyday uses of Elmer’s ProBond Max wood filler and ProBond Advanced adhesive.

ProBond Max is paintable, stainable, and waterproof. It creates a super-strong bond – stronger than the wood itself. With a longer drying/setting time, it’s easier to readjust a piece you have glued if needed.

Use Elmer’s ProBond Max wood filler to repair:

  • Indoor or outdoor furniture. Because it is waterproof, our wood filler is the ideal adhesive for repairing teak patio furniture. Repair non load-bearing elements on tables, chairs, and plant stands and watch them easily withstand heat, humidity, cold, rain or snow.
  • Flooring. Fix damaged wood floors by sanding a bit, applying filler, then staining and sealing once dried. ProBond Max can handle the punishment of heavy traffic.
  • Holes in molding, trim, or woodworking projects. Use ProBond Max to fill depressions left by nails for a hole-free, smooth surface that can then be painted.

ProBond Advanced is the solution for repairs to all kinds of surfaces, including wood, plastic, stone, or metal.

One of our most versatile adhesives, ProBond Advanced is formulated to bond without foaming or expanding, so there is no messy cleanup. It dries clear for virtually undetectable repairs to:

  • Ceramic pots and knick-knacks. This adhesive is also great for art projects that implement several types of materials.
  • Concrete. Fix chipped or damaged steps, pavers, countertops, or cinder block.
  • Plastic toys. Children’s damaged toys are a challenge for most glues, but ProBond Advanced sets solidly and is safe for little ones because it’s non-toxic and washable.

When working with either Elmer’s ProBond Max wood filler or ProBond Advanced, prepare surfaces before applying. In some cases that may require removing substances such as old glue and filing or sanding the surface until it’s smooth.

Elmer’s ProBond Max wood filler and ProBond Advanced adhesive is available at your local hardware, home improvement, or craft store. To learn more about all Elmer’s products, visit