Why use interior wood filler?


Interior wood fillers are products that can help you put the finishing touches on your project. Sometimes when working with wood, there are parts that need to be filled in to make it look more polished or even.

A good example of this is seen when connecting two pieces of wood together. By using interior wood filler, you can cover the gap where you connected the two pieces and they will always look as if they were one continuous piece. If you use nails to connect your pieces of wood, the wood filler can be used to cover the nail head. Applying interior wood filler and then sanding it to be level with the wood will help you to achieve a smooth, refined look, taking your wood project to the next level.

A variety of options

Tinted interior wood fillers come in different colours, allowing you to match the colours of your project. There are also fillers that can be painted or stained to match your project colour. The fillers are easy to use and easy to clean up after project completion. These durable fillers have been designed to last the entire life of your project.

You don’t have to worry about defects in the filler, such as shrinking or cracking. The fresh look offered by these fillers will keep your project looking brand new for years to come.

Product choices

Some products available for use on your next indoor project include Elmer’s Carpenter’s Tinted Wood Filler. This specific product comes in a variety of colours including white, natural, golden oak, walnut, red oak and mahogany.

Another great Elmer’s product to consider for your project is the Colour Change Wood Filler. This fast-drying filler changes colours as it dries white or natural. Once dried, it can be sanded down and painted to match the colour of your project. There are several different Elmer’s interior wood filler products to help you put the finishing touches on your next project. Visit us on Facebook and tell us about your latest project!